Mormon Trail Map

A modern map of the Mormon Trail is compared to a commemorative map from 1899 called "Route of the Mormon Pioneers from Nauvoo to Great Salt Lake." The Mormon Trail Map is 37.5" by 25" folds to 4" x 8.5", and is printed on the highest quality, waterproof, durable synthetic paper.

Side 1 shows 1,300 miles of the Mormon Trail. On Side 1 there are 5,367 inspired words in 38 captions, as well as 20 photos. This map is like a guide book.

Side 2 supplements Side 1 with zoom-ins on the most important portions of the Mormon Trail, 45 photos, and dozens of captions with 6,645 words. The zoom-ins include:

  • Historic Nauvoo, Illinois
  • Salt Lake City & Temple Square, Utah
  • Echo Canyon to Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Guernsey Ruts & Register Cliff, Nebraska
  • Garden Grove to Mount Pisgah, Iowa
  • Come Come Ye Saints Site, Iowa
  • Nauvoo to Des Moines River Crossing, Illinois & Iowa
  • Winter Quarters, Nebraska
  • 1846 Approach to Winter Quarters & 1847 Start, Iowa &      Nebraska
  • Mormon Handcart Trail, Iowa
  • Independence Rock to South Pass, Wyoming
  • Martin’s Cove, Wyoming
  • Chimney Rock to Scottsbluff, Nebraska

Side 2 reminds me of all the enjoyable stops Cindy and I made along the Mormon Trail, where I imagined my own valiant ancestors walking to Zion.


Route of the Mormon Pioneers From Nauvoo To Great Salt Lake Wall Map

This gorgeous wall map was created by an unknown artist in 1899. Originals can be found in a few Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saint visitor centers and a few museums, but they are hard to come by and their condition is usually not so good. I am lucky enough to own an original that my grandfather John Franklin Nielsen bought brand new in 1899. My ancestry is full of Mormon Pioneers, and this map honors them all.

I’ve taken it upon myself to upgrade this map with computer graphics, and then reproduce it using the highest quality materials and longest lasting inks, for a superb wall map that will last for generations.

This wall map was the original inspiration for my creating the folded Mormon Trail Map. I love this map because it reminds me of my Mormon heritage and all of my own ancestors who trekked across the plains to Zion, which is Salt Lake City, Utah, the city where I was born.